Be Mine Boudoir

Be Mine Boudoir { Boudoir Marathon | Whiterock, BC }

Come join me for a Be Mine Boudoir Marathon, January 28, 2012 at a private location in Whiterock, BC! Feel beautiful in your skin and have some images taken to share with your special someone, or just for you to celebrate how fabulous you are! I am taking a limited # of booking, so be sure to book yours today!

xoxo … Leanne

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Oh Thank Heaven for Twenty Eleven!

Oh Thank Heaven for Twenty Eleven { A year in review }

So many of you have probably noticed I haven’t blogged in a long long time! Business for me really took off this last part of the year, and I had a hard time adjusting that work,home and “me” time balance, felt like I was always two steps behind from where I wanted and needed to be! Took on a lot of work, stayed fairly on top of home life, but threw my “me” time to the side! Which left me a little burned out, and of course burning the candle at both ends usually drops you in bed with a cold … and I for sure fell victim to the winter blues and flu’s! But enough of all that I just wanted to review my year with you all, and share some of the exciting things I have planned for 2012!

I am so grateful, thankful, and proud of this business venture I decided to embark on, although I will say I did jump fast, and fell hard when I decided to leave my work at the end of 2010 and start 2011 big … with my camera in hand, my passion for photography in my heart, and dreams that made my to do list a mile long! I wouldn’t say I was blind, but I definitely headed into this adventure with sunglasses on! ( granted they were amazing looking sunglasses!) but sunglasses just the same! I didn’t by any means think this was going to be an easy little adventure, but my excitement for getting to do what I love everyday overtook my sense for the business side of things. There is so much more business aspects in this industry, than just heading out with your camera for a day of meeting new people, and capturing their memories! You have all the marketing,branding, getting insurance, tax accounts, purchasing, accounting, web design, the list keeps going! Not to mention educating myself more, taking additional courses, and workshops; so I can keep growing in my photographic skills! all while still making time for my family and friends! I will admit some days I felt like I had lost mind, did I really have any idea of how this was all going to work? could I really be successful in an industry that so many people want and strive to be a part of! Now that almost a year has past since I started this new journey, and I approach my first year anniversary of my business! I can definitely say Yes I am ready to continue this path I am on ….. although somedays it has been hard, I’ll take the good and the bad any day and I can safely say, I have loved every minute of it! I love getting to meet all my new clients, and seeing old clients coming back and watching their families grow in front of my lens!

I am so excited for 2012 and for what it has in store for me personally and professionally, I have many goals set, and aspirations to accomplish! I look forward to all the new clients I am going to meet, and all the old ones I will get to catch up with! I have a ton of plans for the “look” of my business, (which I will share with you all once everything is complete!) There will be more contests of course, mini sessions for many occasions, and styled shoots to take part in! You will hear a lot more from me on the blog, and I am even going to be doing some more personal posts this year! So I can share things happening in my life, things I love, and even some everyday sorta chatter! I know I have already said it! but I am soooooooooo Excited for this year! I wish you all a very happy new year! and look forward to all that is to come!

xoxo … Leanne

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Too Cute Cousins

Too Cute Cousins { Children’s Photography | South Surrey, BC }

These two little cousins, were just too cute for words! I have been pretty lucky lately with the weather and my sessions, it poured, poured, poured, the days leading up to this sessions, then with perfect timing the rain stopped the night before! Giving us a beautiful day for some pics! These two girls could make anyone laugh, the facial expressions are just too much, as you will see, and you have to stop yourself from saying “awwwww” every two seconds! You try and see if you can!! 😉 So here they are the cutest little cousins, I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful morning with!

xoxo … Leanne

Doesn’t she crack you up! too funny!A plane was flying overhead! Way more exciting than me and my camera!


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The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair { Couples Photography | Langley, BC }

Well this next couple on the blog was just too cute, the session with them just went so perfect, it was as if I wasn’t even there! I felt like I was spying on a couple enjoying a romantic afternoon! The two of them were just so in-sync with one another, there was laughter, warmth, lots of hugs, many little kisses, ( okay who am I kidding there were lots and lots of kisses 😉  and even a dance in the park! By the end of our session there is no doubt that these two are the absolute perfect pair!

xoxo … Leanne

This whole session just makes me smile! Thanks again Sarah and Brent for spending the afternoon with me!

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He asked, and she said … YES!

He asked, and she said … YES! { Engagement Photography | Vancouver, BC }

So I know I may sound like a broken record, but I had so much fun with this next couple, at their engagement session! What can I say we lucked out and had a beautiful day, we went to Yaletown (and who doesn’t like shopping, oops I mean going there to take some pics!) There was laughter, great buildings, a great little restaurant, and of course a great love story! Allan and Christina first met while working for the same company, after just a few months they began dating, a few years later got a condo together, then Allan popped the question, and Christina said YES!  These two are just too cute together, they helped each other relax, made each other laugh, and enjoyed a few eats and drinks during our session! I must warn you I had a hard time narrowing down my pics for this post, then I couldn’t decide if I should do color or black and white? So after trying hard to narrow it down I gave up added a ton of pictures, and did both color and black and white! So I hope you enjoy having a peek at this great session, I look forward to celebrating with Allan and Christina when their wedding bells ring in 2012!!

xoxo … Leanne

Kissy faces, too cute! Congrats again you two!

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Holiday Special 2011

Holiday Special 2011 { Family Photography | Langley, BC }

Well can you believe it is almost that time of your again, with Christmas right around the corner, I am excited to announce my 2011 Holiday special! Have a peek and feel free to contact me with any questions, or to book your session today!

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Party of Four

Party of Four { Family Photography | Whiterock & Langley, BC }

This next family was so much fun to spend the day with, and do these two little guys ever make me giggle! They both have such expressive little faces, such unique little personalities, and the most contagious laughter! Oh and did I mention they are super cute! I loved the way the whole family interacted with one another, and how much love is between them all! Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you guys!

I told him to relax and put his feet up! I guess this is his version of relaxing and putting his feet up! We all had a giggle after, this lil’ guy included! Too Cute! So dad are we being serious in this picture …. Nah I think I’m gonna laugh!

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Halloween Minis!

Halloween Minis 2011 { Promotional | Langley, BC }

Do you love love love Halloween! ‘Cause I sure do! So in anticipation of the upcoming holiday I am running mini sessions for your little ” BOOS” in their fantastic little costumes! Would love to see you there! to book your session either contact me viafacebook or e-mail!

xoxo … Leanne

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Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four { Family Photography | Surrey, BC }

I can’t say enough good things about this next family, when mom called to book their session with me I was soooo excited! I got to meet this little guy when I did his one year cake smash session, and I was in love from his first little smile! ( Did I mention I was sooooo excited!)  Then when delivering the pictures, I met his Big Sister and you can’t help but smile! She has the greatest little personality, okay she has a big personality in a little body, but amazing just the same! I had so much fun spending the day with them, loved seeing them interact with one another and getting to capture their fantastic family of four!

xoxo … Leanne

Dancing in the park, don’t you just love sunny days!

So cute! This little Guy just started walking days before our session! Gotta love the hug from mom at the end of those BIG steps!

Thanks again! You guys were awesome!

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Old School

Old School { Event Photography | Langley,BC }

For those of you who didn’t already know, I also run an event planning company called Sugar Plum Events! We are small event company specializing in kids (of all ages!) parties, baby, and bridal showers, and any other small event you may need a hand with! Event planning is one of my other passions, along with photography! So I have decided that from time to time I would share a little event with you to have a peek at! So for the first event post on the blog, I am going to share with you the latest, cutest little Back 2 School party we just ran this weekend! I went with a vintage theme, and was lucky enough to have a wonderful, friendly, furry little rabbit join us Sunday afternoon!  I hope you enjoy taking a peek at this great lil’ Back 2 School Party! If you would like to see more of Sugar Plums events feel free to check out our website, or follow us on facebook! So here is a little bit of Back to School for you, cause ready or not it is coming up soon!

xoxo … Leanne

( Please Note: No rabbits were harmed during this event, in fact she was treated with love, care, and given tasty treats and carrots! After all she is Teacher’s pet 😉 )

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